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Things I care about representing on this blog:
People as they are, never styled, never changed. Personal Style. This blog is called "As Worn" as in "As worn by this person I just saw on the street..." I want to show people who are totally committed to their look. I want to capture people who catch my eye exactly as they are. I care about the whole look. It is right from head to toe, bag included. If you have everything together and right, that is the look I am interested in. I am interested in diversity. Your look may not be what I wear, but I get it. If your look is amazing, I want to share it through photos and find out what the individual pieces are that make up your whole. I love New York City because every day I see people who are not represented in editorial pages, but who blow my mind! Just walking on the street everyday I will see at least one person who gets it right from head to toe. I find the people who catch my eye the most also have an ease with what they wear. They wear it well. I love the details. Jewelry, belts, hair, make-up, bags, shoes... they all tell the story. If I have stopped you and you see yourself here, it is because I love how you look! (If there is any detail that I have mislabeled or mistaken, please contact me to fix!) I want the world to see how people with style do it on their own. This all started because a while back I decided to start telling people I saw who looked great that they inspired me. Magazines are dinosaurs. I want to get to the essence of a look. What do you care about? The whole package! Why not show it? Photo + credit = le look. I get so enthused when I see someone who has a special look, who is put together. If I love your look, I will chase you down, running for blocks and blocks... Thank you New York City!

28 April, 2010


trench coat - Zara
scarf - Zara
cardigan - Stella McCartney
dress - vintage shop in Italy
tshirt - Urban Outfitters
stockings - Wolford
belt - from her mother
necklace - from shop in Latin Quarter in Paris
bag - 23rd street vintage
shoes - Steve Madden


  1. pretty spiffy shoes if I may say so :)

  2. Nice spectators and coat!!!
    Cute girl.

  3. Congratulations! You look so beautiful.
    Can't belive it. Great look.
    Last time i saw you was in Milano 1988.
    Time runs ...